Dale Cozort

Dale Cozort lives in a college town near Chicago with his wife, daughter, three cats and a lot of books. Dale is a computer programmer and teacher as well as a long-time science fiction writer and fan.

He has a huge and diverse range of interests, ranging from computers and history to martial arts. He loves animals and did a stint as a foster home for orphan Samoyeds. He also loves alternate history and does a 5 times per year online newsletter of alternate history scenarios and stories.

He is fascinated by the Dies The Fire and Island In the Sea of Time universes and is happy that SM Stirling is willing to tolerate other people playing in those universes. The Man Who Broke the Speed Limit is his first attempt at fan fiction and he found it to be an interesting and relaxing experience, pure fun with none of the pressures of ‘serious writing.’ He is online at:

Blog: Dale’s Livejournal

Web Address: www.DaleCozort.com