Markus Baur

I was born 1964 in Innsbruck, Tyrol and started to read early. I encountered my first SF story by the age 9 and I have never stopped reading SF since.

After starting our high school equivalent in the next town I burned through the SF shelves in the town library; with some side trips to thrillers, historical fiction and some other areas.

Switching to english language books at 14 or 15 helped me a lot in school - but that was not my reason for doing so. I simply was no longer willing to wait for the german translations anymore.

After high school I did my military service and studied several, different things without finishing anything, all while continuing to read.

The urge to write started late - at some point after 2000 I began writing little things (all have mercifully been destroyed in the meantime). One short story however was deemed to be good enough to be published in the Drakas! anthology.

This first full length story started with thoughts on what I would do if the Draka really did exist.