Patricia Mathews

I was born Patricia Shaw in 1939 and have been reading science fiction since I was 10. My current major fandoms are S.M. Stirling and Lois McMaster Bujold, with Carrie Vaughn’s Kitty the Werewolf series running third. Ah-OOOO! And I am a witch, and blog on lj under the name The Grey Badger.

I’m a retired accountant with the University of New Mexico mailroom. It was almost like being a librarian in some ways. I have two daughters, a granddaughter just starting middle school, three grandsons, and a bunch of great-nieces and nephews. I adore spoiling and buying books and imaginative presents for them. And my cats: Dufus Claudius — now quite close to the Halls of Bast — Spot, Shadow, and the feral visitor, Buster, to whom I am landlady.

I started writing 30 years later after reading an article in an MZB fanzine and picking holes in it — and continued writing for about 10 years, when the fires died down to glowing embers. After many passing interests, I parlayed a course in medieval history into a passion for (as my fat ringbinder says) Anglo Saxon Stuff, and now have all I need for UNM’s minor in Medieval Studies. My current passion is for Sustainability Studies and low-tech (low cost!) solutions, and I guess I’m about a mint green (Sierra Club level) on a scale ranging from SUV driver to Friend of the Earth.

The Grey Badger