Ladies of the Embercoupletbody

By Patricia (Pat) Mathews

©2009, Patricia (Pat) Mathews

This is a work of Fiction. It is based in part on the Alternate History World known as “Dies the Fire,” written and copyrighted by S.M. Stirling in 2004. The author agrees to abide by the Stirling Fan Fiction site disclaimer. This work is copyrighted by Patricia (Pat) Mathews in 2009, except for those parts derived from “Dies the Fire,” and its sequels, which are copyrighted by S. M. Stirling and used here by permission. All characters in this fiction are, in fact, fictional, and any resemblance to persons living or dead is coincidental.

Scans to: Captain Signy Mallory by Mercedes Lackey and Leslie Fish

Lady Sandra Arminger has no soul they say.

The Regent of Portland has a heart of frozen clay;

That in the Silver Tower, she throws men’s lives like dice.

Lady Sandra Arminger, her heart is steel and ice.

She’s the Regent of Portland and a thorn in Corwin’s side;

The mother of our Princess and a source of grudging pride.

But Boise and Corwin and Pendleton as well,

Know that Lady Sandra Arminger can send them all to hell.

Astrid, Hiril Dùnedain, has no sense, they say.

Her common sense departed before her first birthday.

But try and stiff the Dùnedain or show them evil will,

And Astrid, Hiril Dùnedain, will stick you with the bill!

She’s the Lady of the Dùnedain — they say she’s barking mad;

That in her Elven kingdom there is no sense to be had.

But try and send your soldiers to put hers in a box!

You’ll find Astrid, Hiril Dunedain, is crazy like a fox!

It’s Juniper for legend-making, Signe for admin,

Sandra for our strategy, Tiphaine, our fights to win.

With Astrid for tactics, and in council Sandra saw

That in this world of macho brawn the women make the law!

Iron men in iron shirts with iron between their ears,

Are fighting valiantly for their Queens and honor them in tears.

For iron men in iron shirts with iron brains as well —

Gave their hearts and souls to Her Who Rules — as any bard can tell.

Ladies of the Emberverse, let not your courage fail.

Nor retire to your solars, therein to weep and wail.

But gird your wits for action and you will prevail.

For the Ladies of the Emberverse are deadlier than the male!

❀ ❁ ❀ finis ❀ ❁ ❀