Frequently Asked Questions and Contact Information

This website has been created by Kier Salmon with the help of Randolph Fritz on design issues, both computer and aesthetic.

At this time, no Questions have been asked. When they come in, I will add them and the answers.

There is now a question! AND an answer.

What are all those funny symboles I see? Blocks, diamonds, question marks?

§§Way back when the internet started, there was a dream that it would be standard; that all users and all browsers would follow certain display requirements. This dream did not come to pass and each browser functions slightly differently. One of the biggest problems is rendering symbols that are not the standard roman alphabet. Something as simple as an open quote or an acent on an a are difficult in a word processing document; and much more difficult on the web.

Several solutions exist. One is ISO standard HTML codes. Another is PDF documents. The experiment with PDF on this site was not felicitous and was suspended. Using ISO standard HTML codes is the soluton we adopted. But it does render some of the ISO characters incorrectly on a few more elderly browsers. Using Chrome, Safari or Firefox usually renders the symbols correctly.

After a lot of study and work on this problem, the decision was made to use google fonts and ISO standards. So far, this has worked for a substantial number of the viewers of this website. I wish there was a better solution to the rendering of odd characters such as s-cedilla (ş) and o-omacron (ō), but at this time… well, it doesn’t exist. I’m sorry.

Submissions to the website can be emailed to Kier Salmon, Editor

Submissions must be in one of the following formats “Text,” “RTF,” “OpenOffice,” “Word,” “Pages,” “HTML.” I prefer OpenOffice, Word, Pages, RTF in that order. All submissions must have a header or footer that contains the author name and document title. And please don’t name your document “Chapter One.” ReevesTaleCh1.doc is a much better name for your document. I might actually be able to identify it with that sort of a name.

Several browsers render the fonts incorrectly — or don't render them at all. If you think that the look and feel of the website is ugly, press this link and read. FontTest. If you believe you are seeing the fonts as planned and still don't like them, feel free to email your comments to: Kier Salmon, Editor

All the fan fiction works on this site are written by permission of Steve Stirling and in agreement with the disclosure statement.