Review of

Ruler’s Lot

by Kier Salmon

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Synopsis by Kier Salmon

Ruler’s Lot will be re-written soon (this is 2012) so, hopefully soon, to include more details and a better physical description of Tillamook. In this story, the under-age and orphaned Countess Anne, eldest daughter of Count Scout of Tillamook, must find a way to free herself from the manipulation of one of the entities of stasis that have been fighting for the world since the Change.

Anne’s journey from child of privilege to Countess of power begins here; there is a very messy end awaiting her if she cannot cope effectively with the situation. Moreover, win or lose the first battle (opinions differ), it is only the latest in a series of battles that she has been waging since her early childhood, and the simply the next in the ones she will wage all her life.

Anne’s story will continue in “Twice a Prisoner” and parts of the early Boisevert story appear in the re-written “Kin Bonds”— any day now!

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