Review of

The Green Archer

by Kier Salmon

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Nate Watkins

I didn't like the Green Archer (the character) much. The story was pretty good and the writing was good. I just didn't like the character himself. It's hard to write crazy people and have them be likable. And when given the choice between GA and the eaters, I found myself cheering for the eaters. :-P And that's not supposed to happen.

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Synopsis by Kier Salmon

Green Archer was written by me, (Kier Salmon) because I just needed to give the story behind the one line about Sir Buzz who’s knee was injured by the “crazy green archer” in Seattle.

Several years after writing the story, I moved to Seattle. I didn’t re-write it, but I did meet some homeless people, including one who is a great fan of SMStirling. So this one is dedicated to Curtis, who does day labor and occasionally begs by NW Leary and NW 15th Ave.

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