Review of

Back Draft

by Pete Sartucci

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Review by Nate Watkins

The Fire Trilogy: Wow. That’s what Fan Fic is all about. Honestly, you probably wrote a better story than Stirling himself here. You dealt with some problems that Stirling himself didn’t think of and had better solutions to problems he did write. Incredible. The only reason I’m not giving this a star is how deep you went into Stirling’s own mystical religion (stuff). I didn’t like it when he wrote it and it’s here a lot more than in the original trilogy. But great, great work. As far as I’m concerned, this in canon now.

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Nota Bene: Steve Stirling agrees and has declared this set of stories by Pete as canon.

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Synopsis by Kier Salmon

Back Draft is the third book in the “Fire!” trilogy. It follows the adventures of Sam and Ellie Hyatt and their family and friends as they cope with the Change, stranded in Denver, many hundres of miles away from their home in Billings, Montana. In Wild Fire they leave Denver with the owners of their motel and head towards the town where Ellie's father lives. Intermixed with the action we also follow the progress of Sam’s arch-rival in the martial arts, one George Catron.

Fire Break is the second book in the trilogy and follows the efforts of Sam and Ellie and the town of Lyons, Colorado where Ellie's father lives to save some small part of civilization. Pete includes many little vignettes of how badly and thoroughly the many services a high tech civilization depends on fail. And George Catron makes several apperances, dealing with The Change in his own way.

In BackDraft, George Catron finally arrives at Lyons. Pete writes a gripping story as all the distinct and distinctive personalities mix it up with their many different ideas of what is important to save and discard. A very satisfactory ending to the trilogy