Review of

Dispatch Riders

by Eric Oppen

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Review by Nate Watkins

Liked Deputy’s Apprentice better than Dispatch Riders. Didn’t understand the whole cloak and dagger thing in the second. If he had the writ, he didn’t need the charade. And honestly, the Spider probably would have chosen a better assassin.

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Review by Ton van den Berg

Dispatch Riders, a sequel to Deputy's apprentice with connections to Rulers Lot.

The story takes place around Tillamook Castle, the interaction between the protagonists feels good to me.

The probability that there is something controling Grigori becomes evident very soon and the story follows an expected pattern.

Why the The Regent uses an outsider from the PPA is a little obscure to me, despite the reference to being preChange familiar with her.

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Synopsis by Kier Salmon

Deputy Nick is at it again. With his wife, Melinda, and their adopted child, apprentice Selene, they are sent to the PPA to liase with Sandra Arminger. She asks him to go investigate a situation in Tillamook County. There he and Melinda and Selene are the guests of Countess Anne during the Summer Faire.

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