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Kin Bonds

by Kier Salmon

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Synopsis by Kier Salmon

On the Stirling list, the question was asked, “Where were you when the Change happened? Would you get out alive?” It was a lively discussion and I realized, look back at my records, that I had been coming home from the doctor and was on I-5 southbound right at the Change moment. My daughter was in California, visiting her other parental unit and I bemoaned her loss on the list.

My brother realized he had been in Los Gatos, visiting our grandparents and would have known his niece was just north of him in San Pablo/Richmond.

Together we wrote “Kin Bonds”, my daughter’s rescue and their arrival to be with me in the Portland Protective Association and shared it with the Stirling list on yahoo in 2005. I posted it on my very little used website and it became the genesis for the fan fiction site. I am in the process of re-writing it, given how much I have learned in the years between. But for now, the old version is up.

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