Review of

On the Road to the East

by Steve White

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Review by Nate Watkins

Awesome story. “A day in the life” as it were.

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Review by Ton van den Berg

It is a nice story, a good thing to remind you that heroes have also dull days with nothing more exciting than staying over in a village with people with a different view of the world, being Mennonite or Hindu.

I really enjoyed to see Singh and Kaur appear. And a nice touch to see a Hindu lady appear in that Mennonite village. When I read about Singh and Kaur in “The Sunrise Lands” I was saddened to learn they died.

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Synopsis by Kier Salmon

On the Road to the East is a small vignette of Ingolf the Wanderer's trip East to salvage gear from some abandoned city. We see Kaur and Singh, and other survivors. Nothing much happens in it, but it is a quiet and tender piece.

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