What do the stars mean?

You get three stars. After reading as much or little as you like, you may email the site administrator and say that you wish to assign a star to the following one, two or three pieces of fiction. I keep track, so if you later decide another piece of fiction is better than one you had picked previously you can reassign one of your stars.

No, you can't assign more than one star to a particular piece of fiction. You can write a review, which I will check for gramatical integrity and also, I try to make sure they aren't flame bait, the author puffing (I don't think any of our authors suffer from that tweak) or simply irrelevant to the piece.

Reviews that are proper reviews get posted. If you think I have denied your review it's five seconds of fame, you are welcome to post it to the Stirling list and get feedback from the group.

My email address, once again, is Kier Salmon, Editor